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  1. The Government wishes to inform those concerned that the date of the next legislative elections will be Sunday, 8 October 2023, in accordance with the provisions of Article 134 of the electoral law.

  2. David Papiah has been appointed CEO of LuxProvide S.A. as of 2nd November 2022. Headquartered in Bissen, LuxProvide hosts the national supercomputer MeluXina and offers tailor-made High-Performance Computing (HPC), Data Analytics (HPDA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services.

  3. During the week of 3 to 9 October, the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 increased to 3,004 cases, compared to 2,324 cases the previous week. In addition, 1,246 people were re-infected, representing 29.3% of all those who tested positive, compared to 876 (27.4%) the previous week.

  4. The 18th edition of the European Forum of Official Gazettes took place at the Abbey of Neumünster in Luxembourg City on 22-24 September 2022. The event was hosted by the Ministry of State − Central Service for Legislation (SCL), which publishes the Official Journal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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