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  1. The first invitations to people covered by phase 3 of the vaccination campaign will most probably be sent out by the end of next week (week 11) More details on the exact dates will be communicated in due course.

  2. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has held virtual meetings with several US tech leaders, discussing the global economic situation after one year of the COVID-19 crisis. Xavier Bettel has held in-depth talks with Chuck Robbins (CEO, Cisco), Dan Schulman (CEO, Paypal) and Jensen Huang (CEO, Nvidia).

  3. Following the delivery of 4,875 new doses of the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine on 11 January, the four hospitals CHdN, CHEM, CHL and HRS, as well as the CHNP, began vaccinating health and healthcare professionals, as well as all other categories of professionals and subcontractors, within their structures.

  4. Luxembourg is the first EU Member State to have received the coronavirus vaccine from the American laboratory Moderna. Following the marketing authorisation by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the approval given by the European Commission on 6 January, 1,200 doses of the Moderna vaccine were delivered to Luxembourg this morning.

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